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How It Works:

Get Twitter outreach, reach more backers, target the right users, and increase project funding — all done for you!


Crowd Chirp uses SMART Chirp targeting to locate and message the best Twitter users for you. It’s all automated! We bring them back to your project – you get more funding! 

It’s As Easy As 1,  2,  3:

Sign Up Online & We Find Your Best Target Audience Across Twitter!
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CrowdChirp Marketing 101:

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Chirp Basic Plan
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Basic Twitter Marketing
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SMART Chirp Targeting System
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Chirp Unlimited Plan
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Advanced Twitter Marketing
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Crowd Chirp Is Simple But Very Effective! Here’s Why:

LUCRATIVE AUDIENCES: Twitter truly is a crowdfunders best friend, if you know what you’re doing. For example: Just Tweeting out a message on your profile doesn’t get you very far. Neither does a service claiming to post / tweet in the same way, does it? NOPE. Crowd Chirp is something totally different. Our team uses SMART chirp technology to locate and message the best users on Twitter. 

ADVANCED TARGETING: Other services will tell you they’re promoting you on Twitter, but that could mean anything. What they don’t tell you is they are only Tweeting our your project link a few times to their generic followers. Only CrowdChirp uses our proven SMART chirp targeting technology and messaging strategies to drive real backers to your crowdfunding project. See the difference with our Chirp plans in IN REAL TIME.

REAL RESULTS: The proof is in the pudding. Imagine you want a new pair of shoes… and you’re talking on twitter about what shoes you should get, and then BOOM! — you’re hit by our tweet that shows you an awesome crowdfunding project that has cool new shoes! We can do this with anything though, such as you’re new album, gadget, whatever. The result? A flood of red-hot targeted supporters to your crowdfunding page, every time! You don’t want to miss out on one of the most lucrative social media strategies of the century. Click to start now & increase your funding!