Meet The Team:


About Our Team: We are some serious social media marketing nerds, a.k.a. EXPERTS! We have the skills & experience to help you get the most out of Twitter! We have developed what is now referred to as the S.M.A.R.T. Chirp Targeting Systems (Social Media Analysis Reading On Twitter). 

Our SMART software and marketing techniques allow us to target crowdfunding Twitter users on a scale never before seen. Based on our language software and geolocation analysis we can pinpoint the best possible backers for your crowdfunding project. The best part about the SMART Chirp targeting is our ability to do this in real time. So we can find the best backers and bring them to your project as the best possible time. This maximizes the conversion rate and amount of funding your can receive from audiences across Twitter. 

Recommended: Signup with one of our Crowd Chip Plans, and we promise to get your crowdfunding campaign chirping across Twitter in no time!